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FARR RCN Materials

FAIR 101

Find or deposit models

Machine Learning

Interesting Reads

AI Readiness

  • AI-Ready Open Data: This Bipartisan Policy Center article discusses what it means for data to be "AI-ready" and how to implement this data in a strategical and ethical way. The article creates a clear path for policymakers to move the agenda forward in three actionable ways. 

AI Reproducibility





  • ORCID & GO FAIR US: Collaborators Working to Realize a FAIR Data Ecosystem - recent blog post by Nancy Hoebelheinrich and Shawna Sadler titled, “ORCID & GO FAIR US: Collaborators Working to Realize a FAIR Data Ecosystem.” This blog takes a deep dive into the FAIR Data Ecosystem and highlights how partnership between the two organizations can provide collaborative support to researchers.

  • Are the FAIR Data Principles fair? - This practice paper describes an ongoing research project to test the effectiveness and relevance of the FAIR Data Principles.

  • ISC Session Explores Ethics in AI and HPC in the Era of LLMs by Eric Hunter - This article provides an overview of the SC23 session on Ethics in AI and HPC led by Jay Lofstead and Jakob Luettgau. This session discussed the potential legal liabilities and other societal impacts of the adoption of generative AI. 









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